3 Steps to implementing policies within your organization.

The other day I consulted for a client in the interior design space who was having some challenges getting her employees to take ownership and be accountable for their jobs.
Fine girl like me dressed up and decided to take the consultation physically because, why not ba! Make me sef see small sun LOL!

First thing I noticed when I got to the beautifully designed workspace was the company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values beautifully hung on their walls, and honestly I was impressed and inspired by the dream and vision of the brand. But then a question struck, if this is displayed everywhere, why was she having issues getting her team to be accountable and take ownership within their various roles.

After 20 mins of talking and generally getting a sense of the issue, I asked her how each of the core values transcend into the day to day activities within the organization and she was CLUELESS!!! she kept speaking in big words that didn’t really define how these powerful statements hung on her walls translated to how her team works.

Right there, I knew what that was the ISSUE!!
You see, your mission, vision and value statements are curated words and statements that have the power and potential to inspire and drive your employees to take ACTION but it is your job to break it down into day to day behaviors such that your employees are conditioned to operating within these set




If you want employees who are accountable and are innovative, you need to ensure that your core value are ALIVE and not just stuck in print.
Find 3 tips to get your policies working for you:
1. Train
2. Reward
3. Penalize
These 3 words are key to ensuring your policies work, constantly train the team, reward people who live by the organizations values and penalize those who don’t.
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